Welcome to Abner Montessori School!

Why Abner Elementary School?

The Abner Difference

Our elementary program is designed to meet the individual academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of every student. Maintaining a safe environment that nurtures a love of learning in a strong respectful community allows students to meet their God-given potential. Students are encouraged to question the world around them and explore the fundamentals of academics and social behaviors that will help them to be successful in their lives.

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The academic foundation at Abner Elementary are developed through the use of hands-on materials. When the child has mastered the concepts concretely, they are guided by a teacher to abstract understanding. This process of moving from the concrete to the abstract helps accelerate the child’s ability to perform academically. The main academic subjects offered to the students are mathematics, geometry, language, reading, cultural/history and a variety of science studies.


Fostering a beautiful, productive, respectful community is a cornerstone of the elementary experience for our students. One way this is achieved is by the interaction with other students of different abilities and ages. Students seek to answer what community is and why it is important. This experience builds respect for others and will ultimately encourage the betterment of humanity.

Abner Montessori guides are Montessori trained and our school is a member of the South Carolina Association of Christian School.